Drinking from Your Sister’s Cup (Sisters We’ve Got Some Issues)

Drinking from Your Sister’s Cup (Sisters We’ve Got Some Issues)
Item# 978-0-8059-5520-0

by Latricia Y. Duran

Thousands of years ago, women had to be content with loneliness, betrayal, barrenness, and even racism. Today women face the same problems, but the solutions are not out of reach. Christian women need only to look to the Bible for answers to all of life’s problems.

But that’s not all. Once they find spirituality they seek, they must learn to recognize the signs of despair in others. Satan desires to feast upon the weak, and the neighbor or co-worker who is enduring a difficult situation – whether it be family or economic problems – is especially vulnerable.

But first these Christian women must face the challenge of pointing a finger at themselves in order to examine their behavior for faults and hypocrisies. Only then will they be able to truly help their less-fortunate sisters, whose screams for help could be heard if only someone knew how to listen.


Latricia Y. Duran, the widow of Alvan Duran, lives in Montgomery, Alabama, and is a member of the Evangel Temple Church. She has one son and is a retired personnel sergeant of the U.S. Army.

(2003, paperback, 110 pages)


Drinking from Your Sister's Cup (Sisters We've Got Some Issues) [E-book edition]
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