Don't Judge Me

Don't Judge Me
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Don't Judge Me
by Delaney Hicks and Charisse Woods-Burrell

Don't Judge Me by Delaney Hicks and Charisse Woods-Burrell is a heartening story of one young woman's struggle through life and coming to terms with her faith. ShaKita Alizé Miracle Brown was born in Alabama in 1975. Born to a single mother who abandoned her, she became quite a rebellious child just trying to find her place in the world and make sense of her relationship with God. Fortunately, her grandmother was there to care for her.

Through circumventing many roadblocks placed in her way and a series of unlikely events, she appears to have found the life she was meant for, a church where she feels welcome, and a comforting connection with her Savior. The authors of this entertaining read hope to uplift the spirit of those being challenged by life's uncertainties.

About the Authors:

A native of Washington Park, IL, Delaney Hicks is the mother of two children, Glende and Kenneth Killough. She is a licensed practical nurse and cosmetologist, and the owner of Glende’s Hair & Boutique. She is the wife of Larry Patterson.

Charisse Woods-Burrell is a native of Orange, NJ, and the wife of Rev. Devione Burrell. She served as the first female pastor of Quinn Chapel A. M. E. Church in Lovejoy (Brooklyn), IL and Shiloh A. M. E. Church in East St. Louis, IL. She is the founder and pastor of Fresh Start Outreach Ministries in Lovejoy (Brooklyn), IL. (2015, Paperback, 44 pages)


Don't Judge Me [EBOOK]
Don't Judge Me [EBOOK]

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