DongDong (Hardcover)

DongDong (Hardcover)
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DongDong (Hardcover)
by Feixer Miller

Fed up with the attitude and habits of her husband, DongDong left him.

Living with her auntie, DongDong found men on dating sites and dated with them… different nationalities, personalities…

Then she met Mathew, an FBI guy, and knowing that he wanted a ballroom dance partner, she attended classes and tried hard to learn. It was a challenge, and she eventually found herself dancing with FBI.

Then her ex-husband called—he was kidnapped in Africa. FBI was there to help, but several untoward, sometimes funny, incidents occurred. During the exchange, there was a gunshot . . . then Dongdong was dying in her man’s arms.

DongDong, by Feixer Miller, is about true love realized at the moment of one’s death.

About the Author:

The author, Feixer Miller, was born in China where she also graduated college in 1984 as an English major. After teaching in high school for three years, she became a part of a joint venture between an Italian company and another company based in China. In 1995, the company sent her to its office in Los Angeles, California where she worked until she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006—the same year when she officially became an author after the release of her first book, Mayor Chen and Son Chen, which was published in Beijing, China.

(2016, Hardcover, 86 pages)


DongDong (e-book)
DongDong (e-book)

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