Don't Give Up...Live Life to the Fullest [EBOOK]

Don't Give Up...Live Life to the Fullest [EBOOK]
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Donít Give UpÖLive Life to the Fullest
by Catherine Wilborn-Dowd

Donít Give UpÖLive Life to the Fullest chronicles the domestic violence author Catherine Wilborn-Dowd went through as a young adult until she was able to overcome it with Godís help. She wants her readers to know their past experience doesnít dictate their future. Take away from her words that no matter what you are going through, keep pushing forward. Donít give up, keep the faith, and continue to pray even when you think there is no hope. Your breakthrough is just around the corner.

This book is also a guide to help individuals find their spiritual resilience to overcome everyday challenges. It is an inspirational encouragement for others even in their darkest times to never lose their praise, to understand that their setbacks are their comebacks that will allow them to take a step toward their destiny. It doesnít matter what others say; you are listening to who God says you are. When lifeís trials and worries come into your life, remember the scriptures in this book. Let them meditate in your heart, and know God will carry you through your storms.

About the Author:

Catherine Wilborn-Dowd is a Christian, wife, and mother who shares the overwhelming struggles and obstacles of a typical African-American girl who lives in the South. Despite challenges of family, environment, and economic status, she learned that with faith, resilience, and determination, not only could she merely exist, but she could live her life to the fullest. She loves spending time with her family, going to the movies, and traveling. Her special interest is encouraging others to reach their destiny. She believes if she can help one person a day, her job is done.

Catherine is also a member of the Second Missionary Baptist Church of Lexa, Arkansas. She loves singing in the choir. She serves as Co-Chairperson on the Program committee. Catherine also loves teaching Vacation Bible School during the summer months and spending time with young people.

(2017, E-Book)

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