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by Lynne Allsbrow

Dax, a hardworking bridge builder to most of his friends, has a secret life. He belongs to an elite group known as the ICO, Interception Communication Office. When Dax receives an assignment, he never knows if he is saving someone or eliminating someone until he gets face to face with the target, but Dax always gets the job done.

In D.O.D. Dax and his team are in a race against time to locate and unlock the meaning behind the twelve unique crosses. Dax and his boss can’t help but wonder what the government will do with the information once they unlock the mystery—a mystery that once revealed could change the way every human being lives their lives.


Lynne lives in Thornton, Colorado, with her husband. She runs her own business – lynnessilkypillows.com – which donates pillows to children in hospitals. In the process of writing this novel, Ms. Allsbrow interviewed real people about their work, their habits, their families, and how they spend their free time. It is from these interviews that Ms. Allsbrow created her story. Although a work of fiction, when you read D.O.D. you believe this has really happened. With more people to interview and more stories to write, Dax and the ICO agency will have more life mysteries to solve. If you would like to discuss this book with the author, you can send her an email at lallsbr@msn.com.

(2008, paperback, 86 pages)


D.O.D [E-book edition]
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