Diary of I Am a Nobody

Diary of I Am a Nobody
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Diary of I Am a Nobody
by Christina P. Tompulis

Humor offers an immense deliverance in a personís life.

The author, born to poor parents of mixed nationalities, experienced many trials in her life as a young child. She lived with her family in a small apartment, with few of what you could call luxuries and necessities. But with her non-conforming attitude and humor in taking on lifeís challenges, she surpassed everything hurled at her way.

Despite her unsuccessful married life due to a divorce with her violent, homosexual husband, she believes she has raised her six beautiful gifts the best she could, ensuring to be always with them whenever she was needed, but never to impose or interfere. An eventful career she had, being the first plaintiff to ever win a case on age discrimination.

Diary of I Am a Nobody, by Christina P. Tompulis, shares a womanís story on surpassing lifeís obstacles with humor and Godís grace.

About the Author

Christina P. Tompulis was born and currently lives in Chicago, Illinois. Inspired by her six children, her parents, and her siblings, she wrote this book with hopes of encouraging her readers to achieve positive outcomes in their lives.

(2012, paperback, 92 pages)


Diary of I Am a Nobody (PDF)
Diary of I Am a Nobody (PDF)

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