Diapers from Heaven

Diapers from Heaven
Item# 978-0-8059-6849-1

by Cheryl S. Smith

This charming little idyll relates the story of two baby angels and their quest to help real-life babies on Earth. Anyone who can resist a smile over the antics of these two is hard-hearted indeed. Diamond and Jewel are sweet, trusting, and loving little angels, and the captivating illustrations bring them alive before our very eyes.

This is a story that any child would enjoy, and it is a story that will get to be read over and over again. Diamond and Jewel will steal your heart away.


Cheryl Smith is a child of the South; she was born in New Orleans and raised in Metairie, Louisiana, and now lives in Fort Worth, Texas. She was married but is now single again, with two beautiful daughters, Tahisha and Bianca, to whom she is devoted. She loves to read and is up for any outdoor sporting activity, especially Go-Karts Riding.

She is an active member of The Ambassadors of Christ Christian Center and is strong in faith. She finds God in her personal life and thinks of him as a friend as well as her Heavenly Father.

(2005, paperback, 32 pages)


Diapers from Heaven [E-book edition]
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