Diane Delaney Interviews God

Diane Delaney Interviews God
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Diane Delaney Interviews God
by Paul Calvin Carr

Diane Delaney, a thirty-something Chicago television news reporter with a good work ethic and a strong résumé, was struggling lately with her dreams; recurring dreams that caused her to begin asking questions and searching for answers.

What Diane didn’t realize at the time was that these dreams were foreshadowing a relationship with a powerful superior being and that they would change her life forever.

With a reporter’s curiosity and exceptional detective skills, Diane knew that the answers to her questions were with God. If she could land an interview with Him—and avoid Satan and his trickery along the way—she may finally get the professional recognition and the personal answers for which she was searching.

But what God was about to reveal to Diane was beyond her wildest dreams.

About the Author:

Paul Calvin Carr was born in Illinois and now resides in California. Nearly sixty years ago, he started a successful medical and surgical products manufacturing company.

Since retiring five years ago, Paul has been able to focus on his love of writing, which he has enjoyed since high school.

(2016, Paperback, 96 pages)


Diane Delaney Interviews God (e-book)
Diane Delaney Interviews God (e-book)

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