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by Wilkie Lee Jernigan

Diddlysquat is something you may have never heard about.

It is something you do not know, something others do not know, and something only God knows.

In this book, you will discover many things that will amuse, befuddle, irritate, tickle, and astonish you. It is a book for trivia lovers, sports lovers (especially football), life lovers, love lovers, and church lovers—although that last one may not be on the positive side. There are many discoveries presented here that will simplify your understanding of many things unknown to you. Most of all, there are literary snippets that relate to life and what you believe in.

Prepare to learn more about religion, life, and history—and sometimes laugh at the truths that are worded so well they can hurt you.

Diddlysquat, by Wilkie Lee Jernigan, is work that is both entertaining and candid—painfully—in its every leaf.

About the Author

Wilkie Lee Jernigan was born in North Carolina but now lives in Virginia. He and his wife, Marie, have been in Chesapeake for the past eighteen years. Aside from his career in the Navy, he also worked for the postal service. Writing is something he does to occupy his time and this book is his first published work.

(2012, paperback, 406 pages)


Diddlysquat (PDF)
Diddlysquat (PDF)

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