Dingo's Big Adventures Illustrated by Neatra Turner

Dingo's Big Adventures Illustrated by Neatra Turner
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Dingo’s Big Adventures
by Damon Pickett

Illustrated by Neatra Turner

Dingo’s Big Adventures send a positive message to children with its combination of endearing prose and delightfully unique illustrations. Following Dingo’s adventures with his diverse collection of animal friends, children learn the value cooperation. Although Dingo and his friends come from diverse backgrounds, they are able to learn and have fun, as human children must learn to do also. Dingo’s Big Adventures is sure to entertain and encourage social values. It is an ideal story for the youngest of readers.

About the Author

Damon Pickett was born the younger of two brothers in Selma, Alabama. His mother, Sadie Mae Kennedy, is a day care worker. Because of this Damon Pickett has always been exposed to children and has always enjoyed spending time with them. He has always dreamt of writing stories designed to help children adapt to life’s situations.

Now 34, Pickett has been married for six years and has two daughters of his own. He cites his primary motivational source as the loss of his newborn son, Da’mion. He was born eight pounds, 14 inches long on April 8, 2010 and died six hours later. Dingo’s Big Adventures is dedicated to Da’mion.

In additions to writing literature to guide children, Pickett also enjoys playing basketball and is an advocate for physical activity in youths.

About the Illustrator

Neatra Turner is a life-long artist. She is a creative force behind many stories for children. She is also a Storyboard Animator. Neatra Turner currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband, Keith. They have a beautiful daughter names Zyra.

(2014, Paperback, 30 pages)


Dingo's Big Adventures Illustrated by Neatra Turner E-Book
Dingo's Big Adventures Illustrated by Neatra Turner E-Book

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