Dead End Motel

Dead End Motel
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Dead End Motel
by Steve D

Meet the members of Duke’s Disciples motorcycle club: Duke, the president; Ray, the vice president; Maggot, the sergeant-at-arms; Tiny; Knuckles; Clean Cut; Rabbit; Spanners; Pop; Spike; B.J.; Tramp; Reject; and Freak. When they’re bad, they’re bad—but when they pull off a multimillion-dollar diamond robbery orchestrated by Clean Cut, they’re really bad. After stashing the diamonds, the Disciples split up and agree to reconnect a year later to cash in on their newfound wealth. What they didn’t plan on encountering, however, was a man with a vendetta over the slaughter of his brother during the diamond robbery, and a police pursuit was for the supposed abduction of a minor plus the manslaughter of her brother at a bar in New York.

With all the sex, drugs, and rock n roll befitting a motorcycle gang, Duke’s Disciples will take you on a wild, often brutal, journey with a surprise ending. Hold on tight, and get ready to roll, man!

(2011, paperback, 128 pages)


Dead End Motel (PDF)
Dead End Motel (PDF)

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