The Day I Met Mickey Mantle

The Day I Met Mickey Mantle
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The Day I Met Mickey Mantle
by Christopher Teter, M.D.

Every person has a story about meeting someone famous: an actress, a politician, or even a baseball player. For Christopher Teter, M.D., his childhood and adulthood are riddled with defining moments, centered on Mickey Mantle, his idol, which still resonate with him today.

From his early experiences watching baseball, to a handshake with his legend, to an almost-visit in the final years of Mantleís days, Christopher Teter recollects how much one star can impact a manís life.

About the Author

Christopher Teter, M.D., is a practicing internist in Tulsa, Oklahoma, an amateur author, and a lifelong Yankees fan.

(2011, hardcover, 30 pages)


The Day I Met Mickey Mantle (PDF)
The Day I Met Mickey Mantle (PDF)

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