The Day Debt Moved In

The Day Debt Moved In
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The Day Debt Moved In
by Jason V. Simons

Many families have money problems, especially in todayís tight economy. When Roger wakes one morning to the sound of his mother and father arguing, he is certainly upset. He soon learns that his father is having problems at work, and the family might have to move to a new home because of their overdue bills.

Roger offers to give all the money in his piggy bank to the family, even though it might not be enough. Will his family find a way to make ends meet? Luckily, money isnít everything, and Rogerís family, regardless of their finances, will still have each other. The Day Debt Moved In, by Jason V. Simons, tells a common story of family life that reminds both children and parents that, when they stick together, many obstacles can be overcome.

About the Author

A native of Boston, Massachusetts, Jason V. Simons has lived in Boynton Beach, Florida, for the past ten years. He is the president/owner of Discount Debt Solutions, a company that helps people who are facing incredible financial hardship. He earned his bachelorís degree in business administration with a minor in psychology, and he earned his graduate degree, both from Roger Williams University. Jason and his wife, Angela, have one son, Alexander.

In his spare time, Jason enjoys sports and golf. He was inspired to write The Day Debt Moved In after witnessing the tremendous impact of financial hardship on children, and he hopes to bring recognition and awareness to this issue.

(2010, paperback, 30 pages)

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The Day Debt Moved In (PDF ebook)
The Day Debt Moved In (PDF ebook)

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