The Day Breaks to a New Beginning

The Day Breaks to a New Beginning
Item# 978-0-8059-6633-6

by Mary Pérez Vansher

Uprooted from her native Puerto Rico along with her brothers and her grandmother, Mary Pérez Vansher was fully prepared to dislike her new country, America, despite all the wonderful things she had heard about it. However, she was surprised to find that all the things she had heard about America and its freedoms were true. She was beginning the first journey of what would ultimately be a tumultuous but fulfilling life.

As we follow along with Mary’s life and see how the choices she makes, guided by God, affect her and her family, she subtly imparts to us the message of her deep and abiding faith in and love for God, which influence every aspect of her life and taught her that The Day Breaks to a New Beginning.


A retired teacher residing in California with her husband, Mary Pérez Vansher was inspired to write The Day Breaks to a New Beginning by her students and friends who wanted to learn about her experiences in the military and how she met her husband. In her spare time she plays bridge, gardens, reads, and writes stories and poems. She also enjoys listening to Christian music and attending musicals.

(2004, paperback, 72 pages)


The Day Breaks to a New Beginning [E-book edition]
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