A Daughter's Story

A Daughter's Story
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A Daughter's Story
by Cynthia Heastie

Having been neglected and emotionally hurt by her family and those closest to her, Cynthia Heastie has kept quiet for years. Now, however, it is her turn to see that her side of the story is told within the pages of A Daughter’s Story. A Daughter’s Story is the story of a daughter who transforms from abused child into a fiercely independent and dedicated mother.

The pages of this book follow Cynthia through love, loss, happiness, and betrayal. As a mother, Cynthia hopes parents and children alike will learn from her trials and tribulations and share their affections. By building the self-esteem of their children, parents would help to build a better world.

About the Author

Cynthia Heastie is single with two adult children. Born and raised in Bahamas, she now resides in California. She has actively pursued higher education and holds a B.S. in Legal Studies. She has worked as a typist in a variety of fields, a legal assistant, and has dabbled in real estate in the Bahamas and in California.

(2014, Paperback, 28 pages)


A Daughter's Story E-Book
A Daughter's Story E-Book

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