Dakota Dream

Dakota Dream
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Dakota Dream
by Anne Corbin

Anne Corbin presents to us her vivid memories of her hard but beautiful life growing up in South Dakota.

Anne recalls her days in the beautiful state, where summers were extremely hot and winters were freezing cold. During the 1930s, the Depression created many burdens for families, especially for farmers, who were barely making a living. The taxes required were high, and unpaid taxes meant forfeiture of properties.

But Anne witnessed how her father worked hard to make ends meet though his harvests were oftentimes not profitable. He was a hero to the family, and he was a fighter and a survivor. Anne grew up looking up to him and living by his ideals.

Despite the difficulties she experienced, Anne is thankful for a loving family who taught her all there was to be learned in life. And today she dreams of returning to South Dakota with a wonderful vision.

About the Author

A native of South Dakota, Anne Corbin now lives in Castle Rock, Colorado. Anne has a bachelorís degree from Sacramento State College, and she took two additional years of college at San Francisco State, Notre Dame, and San Jose State. Anne is also an artist; she owned Corbinís Gallery in Half Moon Bay in California for fourteen years and sold over two thousand of her oil paintings. Anne has one daughter, Evelyn Rose.

(2011, paperback, 32 pages)


Dakota Dream (PDF)
Dakota Dream (PDF)

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