Dad's Weekend

Dad's Weekend
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Dad's Weekend
by William Hamilton

Luck is tough for this single dad. After college, he leaves his hometown and finds his way to Las Vegas and then to Utah in search for a job and a better life. He is an artist, someone who knows his craft. But all his aspirations need to take a backseat in favor of the laborious jobs he gets to make ends meet for him and his little girl. Luck in love seems to shun him, too; he thinks marriage is not for him.

As he contemplates life, his most likable boss invites him and the other employees to a weekend getaway in Lava Springs, Idaho. For three days in July, he and his daughter spend an almost surreal adventure in the countryside where nature is within their grasp. For once in their lives, they experience a different kind of fun the city canít offer. For the first time in so many years, misery isnít this dadís company.

The beautiful weekend and a vivid dream inspire the artist in him to write a fantasy story about a medievalhero-for-hire who wants to retire after the biggest assignment of his lifeóapprehending a notorious thief and presenting him to the king for a price.

About the Author

William Hamilton is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. He enjoys writing and producing artworks. This proud father currently lives and works in Utah.

(2014, Paperback, 78 pages)


Dad's Weekend E-Book
Dad's Weekend E-Book

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