Daddy Will Fix It

Daddy Will Fix It
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Daddy Will Fix It
by Arlie Holmes

Sammy will pull at your heart in his struggle for acceptance. Everything Sammy did his whole life was to win love that he felt he never received. Sammy was a gifted artist that was always overshadowed by evil forces, but yet he chose love in a world of so much hate.

Sammy’s grandmother Ruth saw Sammy for who he really was – a soul simply wanting to be accepted by spreading his gifts.

Daddy will Fix It is book one in a trilogy that helps readers take a look inside to make their own right choices, even if it means losing. There is a Sammy in all of us.

To see the second book in the series, "I Believe in Me" visit here.

About the Author:

Arlie Holmes was born in Virginia and raised in South Carolina. He traveled the globe teaching in art programs in thirty countries. He has studied at the University of Hawaii and holds degrees from Greenville Technical, Spartanburg Methodist College, and University of South Carolina. Now a nurse, artist, poet, and writer, he lives on the island of Maui in Hawaii.

(2015, Paperback, 292 pages)


Daddy Will Fix It [EBOOK]
Daddy Will Fix It [EBOOK]

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