Crusty Old Cheesedog

Crusty Old Cheesedog
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Crusty Old Cheesedog
by Judy Murphy

Corona is an easy-going middle-aged blonde in search of freedom. She finds it in Max, a brown-eyed, tender man as handsome as a palomino. But when an opportunity arises for Corona and Max to create a family togetheróand, not to mention, be financially secure for the rest of their livesówill they go for it and perhaps risk everything?

About the Author

Judy Murphy was inspired by her husband, her children, her sister, Sandy, and her brother, Tom, to write this book. She loves arts and crafts, reading, and family reunions. Originally from Indiana, Judy currently resides in Pompano Beach, Florida, with her husband, John, and three children, Jamie, Paige Ann, and Chad.

(2009, saddlewire, 30 pages)


Crusty Old Cheesedog (e-book)
Crusty Old Cheesedog (e-book)

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