Common Sense Germs

Common Sense Germs
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Common Sense Germs
by Faye Athey

Germs are everywhere, on every surface. We come in contact with thousands of germs daily and donít give a second thought to the risks they pose. In Common Sense Germs, the author explains the importance of proper sanitation and being aware of our surroundings to avoid contamination from these germs.

Many places we visit each day, such as the grocery store, malls, and nail salons, contain various health risks to which we should be made more aware. We should be washing our hands before and after performing everyday actions such as the handling of money, our credit cards, and mail. Let the powerful lessons inspire you to make a change in the way you view the spread of germs.

(2014, Paperback, 34 pages)


Common Sense Germs [E-BOOK]
Common Sense Germs [E-BOOK]

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