Collection of Poetry

Collection of Poetry
Item# 978-0-8059-7608-3

by Shari Mong

Shari Mong’s Collection of Poetry engages readers with candid reflections of the poet's personal experiences as well as insightful and moving observations of the world and society.

Expressive imagery characterizes Ms. Mong’s work, and such selections as “The Whistling Wind” and “To Live Again” draw inspiration from nature to convey depth and emotion. Demonstrating impressive range and flexibility in her poetry, the author also touches on issues of spirituality in daily life, the lingering grief of heartache, and the challenges the post – 9/11 world faces. The poignancy of the collection is complimented by the obvious pleasure Ms. Mong takes in the creation of poems that convey an appreciation of the rhythm and beauty of words.

The fresh vision and emotional maturity of Shari Mong’s poetry insures that readers will value this collection for both its topical content and its artful language.


Shari Mong lives in Ohio and is the mother of two children, Jesse and Michael. A graduate of Miami East High School and ITT Technical Institute, Ms. Mong enjoys diverse hobbies, including reading, hiking, biking, travel, and dancing, in addition to writing.

(2007, paperback, 68 pages)


Collection of Poetry [E-book edition]
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