Collection of Poetry

Collection of Poetry
Item# 978-0-8059-6824-8

by Ernest Blunt, Jr.

Ernest Blunt, Jr. shares his deep and abiding faith in God’s power in his life through his poetic testimony in his personal Collection of Poetry. His love for God and appreciation for all He has done in his life shines like a beacon through every evocative word and every sensitive image he expressively paints as he urges his readers to turn to the Almighty and contemplate the wonders He has and con work in your life.

Through verse such as “Understanding the Proverbs,” “Wisdom,” “Small but Wise,” and “Wise or Foolish,” he promotes turning to the Bible for answers to all of life’s questions. He reflects on God’s influence on the lives of His creation in poems such as “Wise People”, “The Aged,” and “The Troubles of Life.”

In poetic testimony such as “Needs,” “Dreams,” and “Laboring,” he reminds his readers of the great gifts God gives us on a daily basis and how we should appreciate everything in life no matter what it brings.

His thoughtful and poignant words bring God closer to the reader’s minds and hearts, allowing for personal reflection on how mighty is the Lord.


Mr. Ernest Blunt, Jr. resides in his native Cincinnati, Ohio. In his spare time he enjoys studying the Bible and business books, traveling, bowling, skating, and humor.

(2006, paperback, 56 pages)

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