Cooking and Critters

Cooking and Critters
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Cooking and Critters
by Glynda Wehrman

Glynda Wehrman’s Cooking and Critters offers a unique mix of life, love of family (including the ‘critters’ on their farm), and a joy in cooking from recipes handed down from Nanny, her grandmother.

Glynda’s impetus to write this treasure came about when her husband suffered several health crises, and she needed to find a way to maintain her sanity while helping him on the road to recovery. For this, she depended on organizing her recipes and lovingly caring for the animals that were like part of the family and helped fuel her husband’s desire to heal, giving him a purpose to his days until that could become a reality.

The recipes provide a kind of ‘down home’ style of cooking that are easy to understand and relate to. Many of these could be considered ‘comfort food,’ and they certainly provide a feeling of warmth and well being. You’ll want to cuddle up in an easy chair and spend time with these simple, but tasty recipes.

About the Author

Glynda Wehrman is a native of Oklahoma now residing in Lahoma with her husband, Glen, and is the mother of two. She received her education from Northwestern University and became a teacher.

Wehrman is a member of Phi Delta Kappa and belongs to the Community Bible Church and the Lahoma Seniors. In addition to cooking, she enjoys horseback riding, gardening, and photography.

(2012, paperback, 106 pages)


Cooking and Critters (PDF)
Cooking and Critters (PDF)

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