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by A.C. White

If you had the opportunity to become world-renowned, would you do so? What if there were consequences to your integrity or to those you love? Can a choice made by a Roman soldier two thousand years ago have a profound impact on today’s world as we know it?

In Dr. A. C. White’s Choices, we are introduced to Dr. Ellen Chen, a genetics professor who is struggling with questions such as these. She and her team of researchers, Drs. John Lehman and Marcy Brennan, have stumbled across a discovery with possibilities that are so far-reaching, they could affect everything we know about science—and religion. But should this knowledge be brought to light, or would it cause more harm than good?

About the Author

A. C. White, a native of China, holds a B.A. in Zoology, an M.A. in Embryology, and a Ph.D. in Genetics, and has also trained in various laboratories. Dr. White is currently a Professor Emerita at a state university.

(2009, paperback, 296 pages)


Choices - PDF Version (e-book)
Choices - PDF Version (e-book)

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Choices - EPUB Version (E-Book)
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Choices (Kindle Edition) LinkChoices Reader Review
Choices Reader Review
Second Coming?, December 22, 2009 By Y. Wong - Amazon

A fascinating novel about how a professor in genetics faces a moral dilemma on cloning human cells. In the foreground are her encounters with politics in academia and the joy she receives in her teaching and mentoring of students. In the background is her research to achieve breakthroughs in genetics. But the heart of the book is a truly suspenseful tale, where an act by a Roman soldier 2000 years ago opens a new dimension to the implications of cloning. The book explains in layman's language the mysteries of DNA coding and reproduction, the rigor of scientific research, and explores the moral and legal issues dealing with cloning. Makes one ponder whether there could really be a Second Coming.

When will there be a sequel?

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