Chronicles of Greenwood: Book One

Chronicles of Greenwood: Book One
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Chronicles of Greenwood: Book One
by Christopher Nokes

What happens to forgotten but loved stuffed animals? Come on an adventure with Harley, Cee Bear, Plato, Agatha and others to discover if the legend of Greenwood is really true. Could it be that there is a place where all stuffed animals can play and live forever? Or, as rumor has it, perhaps even fly? Join the ragtag community of plush but persevering “people” as they determine to find out for themselves. Journey with them through dangers and doubts, and you, too, may come to believe that loving kindness, once learned, continues on forever.

About the Author:

Christopher Nokes is a recovering architect of twenty years, having achieved his degree in architecture from the University of Toronto in 1978 with a later degree in education, also from U of T. He has taught International Baccalaureate Visual Arts for the last nineteen years.

Nothing qualifies Nokes to write a middle grade adventure trilogy more than his powerful visual, literary, historical, philosophical and cultural perspective acquired through a wide-ranging love of reading and study. He is married to art consultant Jane Elizabeth Nokes. Being the proud father of three beautiful sons (in order of appearance) Jeremy Brock, Johnathan Blair, and Jamie Brendan, qualifies him even more as their early love for words, language, narrative, and their loving kindness towards their stuffed animals represented (as it does for all children) positive, first steps towards our first real integration with the society of people, other like-minded children, and the concept of empathy.

(2017, Paperback, 88 pages)


Chronicles of Greenwood [EBOOK]
Chronicles of Greenwood [EBOOK]

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