Chances & Choices

Chances & Choices
Item# 978-0-8059-7401-0

by Alison M. Lewis

The young, beautiful, and trusting Alyssa valued her solitude, but what happens to her one afternoon while taking a respite from her somewhat controlling mother will change her life forever. Determined to never let another man or anyone hurt her again, Alyssa vows to become independent. As Alyssa prepares to meet this new change in her life, however, she wonders where she will get the strength to deal with the difficult choices, the new challenges, the anger she holds toward the person who betrayed her, and the all-consuming feelings of loneliness.

One day, while strolling in the park, she finds her answer. Alyssa can only hope that her complete trust in her newfound strength resolves the inner turmoil that rages within her and brings her to take a chance for the life of happiness she has always imagined.


Alison M. Lewis was born in Scotland and educated in a British high school. She has lived the last twenty-one years in Australia with her husband Colin and her two children, Ben and Courtney. Alison is a member of Fellowship of Australian Writers (FAW) and has two previously published works: Seasons of Life and Missing. Alisonís inspiration for her latest work, Chances & Choices, came from two sources, a dream she had and her own personal belief in God, who is interested in every detail of her life. When not writing, Alison spends her time reading, traveling, walking, and meeting new people.

(2007, paperback, 40 pages)


Chances & Choices [E-book edition]
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