The Change Agent: From 30,000 Feet

The Change Agent: From 30,000 Feet
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The Change Agent
by Bruce Barcomb

The loss of his sister to an infamous killer created forced order changes in Bruce Barcomb’s life. It is from this beginning that the “change agent” was born. His book, The Change Agent – From 30,000 Feet, is firmly rooted in recovery and transcending grief, including forgiveness.

An early draft of this book was mailed to a serial killer in 2016 as part of an effort to encourage the killer to identify additional victims. To date, Barcomb’s outreach has gone unanswered, but the book is not about death so much as it is about life. It’s about the ability to change and create paradigm shifts in behaviors in order to arrive at a different outcome.

Barcomb’s writing is about the human spirit, social justice, and awakenings—change agents. His humorous, interesting, and open dialogue is refreshing and enlightening. It will leave you inspired, laughing, and thinking about maximizing the desires of your heart. This book is rich in cultural awareness and history.

Barcomb is a victims’ rights advocate. In honor and memory of those victims identified in his writing and for those murders that are unresolved or unknown, he is donating ten percent of the proceeds of this book so that others can find a path of healing and hope and a new life.

Barcomb is pragmatic, analytic, and existentialistic as he covers the fundamental philosophy of life and death. In 2005, he wrote to his sister’s killer to negate a trial and bring other victims’ families closure. He was featured in a 2010 LA Weekly article during the sensationalized trial, and quotes from Barcomb’s Victim Impact Statement were front page news across the nation. So infamous was the trial that actress Charlize Theron, who won an Academy Award for portraying a female serial killer, attended the actual sentencing. After the trial, Barcomb wrote the initial family biography for The Dating Game Killer, a book addressing the murders. He was interviewed for various television crime news programs, magazines, and print media. He also appeared on the Dr. Phil episode, “Snapshots of a Serial Killer.” Barcomb’s writings are influenced by Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, B.F. Skinner, Augustine, C. S. Lewis, Socrates, Robin Williams, and Dante.

(2016, Paperback, 182 pages)


The Change Agent: From 30,000 Feet [E-book]
The Change Agent: From 30,000 Feet [E-book]

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