The Call of the Christmas Pecan Tree

The Call of the Christmas Pecan Tree
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The Call of the Christmas Pecan Tree
by Edna Stewart

“In a very petite, quiet town, located by the crystal coast seashore, there stood a lonely-hearted pecan tree,” begins Edna Stewart's touching story. Though this tree has long received love and attention from the people of the town, bringing them together under the shade of its beautiful branches, it is scheduled for removal. The town is thrown into turmoil as its people debate such a loss to the community, and in the midst of the affair, a new neighbor arrives, drawing the townspeople out to meet the newcomer.

Filled with colorful character portraits, this book offers a heartwarming story of community values, human nature, and the miracles that happen when everyone works together. Discover the joy and inspiration of friendship and good will in Edna Stewart's The Call of the Christmas Pecan Tree.

About the Author

Edna Stewart attended Rutledge College and KERR Business College. She lives in North Carolina with her husband, Michael, with whom she has one daughter, Monique. When asked what prompted her to write this book, she replied, “I once owned a home in a small town where I had a pecan tree that produced very large pecans one year. People in this town would come from all over to pick the pecans out of my yard.” In addition to writing, she also enjoys gardening, art, and classical movies.

(2008, paperback, 32 pages)


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