Careers in STEM: A to Z

Careers in STEM: A to Z
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Careers in STEM A to Z
by Tracy B. Jones

What does your child want to be when she or he grows up? Do they know that a career in science means they can keep doing what they already love - whether it’s digging in the dirt (agrobiologist), being outside (forestry technician), or playing video games (videogame designer)?

Maybe your child already loves science, technology, engineering, or mathematics. Or maybe they need a little encouragement. Either way, Careers in STEM A to Z is a fun and informative look at the way science is all around us. Children will discover new facts and new careers to daydream about.

With bright and colorful illustrations, Careers in STEM A to Z gives every child the chance to see themselves in this book and in their futures – helping others, exploring nature, and creating and using new technology.

About the Author:

Tracy B. Jones believes in helping others live up to their full potential. She has brought that belief to life in her work as an elementary teacher and her various community activities. She has taught elementary school in Illinois, Maryland, North Carolina, and Virginia. Ms. Jones has served as an early childhood supervisor where she developed curriculum for prekindergarten and kindergarten and provided professional development to teachers.

Ms. Jones enjoys gardening, playing tennis, and spending time with her three children.

(2016, Paperback, 32 pages)


Careers in STEM: A to Z (e-book)
Careers in STEM: A to Z (e-book)

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