Boardwalk Wolves, Weasels, and One Other Villain

Boardwalk Wolves, Weasels, and One Other Villain
Item# 978-0-8059-7201-6

by James F. Bonomo

The long days of summer vacation often promise adventure and new experiences, but for one eleven-year-old boy, the summer spent at his grandparents’ house at Rockaway Beach brings a rewarding mix of exploration, challenges, and life lessons.

In Boardwalk Wolves, Weasels, and One Other Villain, young Laurie spends his days following his child-like logic and single-mindedness. Whether it’s struggling to understand the complex emotional world of adults, scheming with friends to vie for a coveted prize at the arcade, or enduring countless confrontations with a reckless and dangerous bully, Laurie learns that his actions can bring unintended consequences. One adventure in particular threatens everything he knows: trying to lure out the killer mad dog – or is it a wolf? – said to live under the boardwalk. When Laurie seeks to discover once and for all whether such a beast inhabits the beach, ultimately he finds something more valuable in the poignant outcome of this nostalgic tale.


James F. Bonomo is a New York native who has made his home in Florida for the past twenty years; he and his wife share two children. A former vice president of a major national bank, Bonomo holds an associate’s degree in liberal arts, a bachelor’s of music, and a master of arts and letters from Roger Williams College-University, Rhode Island College, and Florida Atlantic University respectively. He is currently enrolled in the Doctoral program in the Fine Arts at Florida Atlantic University. He is a fourth-degree black belt instructor and is a member of the Japan “Shotokan” Karate Association. As an organist, he has performed concert recitals for many years. He has also been a talk show radio host and has produced his own television shows for cable television. Although an avid writer, this is his first published book.

(2007, paperback, 184 pages)


Boardwalk Wolves, Weasels, and One Other Villain [E-book edition]
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