The Book of Willie

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The Book of Willie
by Willie Turner

In The Book of Willie, poet Willie Turner combines his beautiful words and spirituality to offer the readers a way of escape into a more peaceful and calm world. For example, his poem “People” says,

“You Can’t Hide From People, So Don’t Try If You Need Peace Of Mind And Have Tried, But It’s Hard To Find Turn To God, He’ll Help You Cope.”

In this poem, Willie explains how all of us need a break from reality once in a while, and if you turn to God, he will help you to cope. So relax, put up your feet, and take a journey into the poetry of Mr. Willie Turner.

About the Author: A native of Shreveport, Louisiana, Willie Turner describes his work as “expressions of sacrifice concerning Christianity with a skeptical theme of escape. These experiences relate to biblical people and their actions, that readers be informed of sacrifice relating to Christianity in the present age.”

(2015, Paperback, 248 pages)


The Book of Willie [EBOOK]
The Book of Willie [EBOOK]

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