The Book about Friends, Stars, and Oceans

The Book about Friends, Stars, and Oceans
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The Book about Friends, Stars, and Oceans
by Darya Jandossova

Darya Jandossova’s collection of short stories combines a series of narratives with memories of the author’s experiences, creating a poetic interpretation of different aspects of life. Her stories often reflect on the innocence of childhood, like in “Soul Thieves,” which fondly depicts the narrator’s grandfather and the tales he used to tell. Other stories, like “Make Me Believe” and “I Feel the Sky,” honestly convey the emotions of love—both the beauty it can bring and the devastation of its loss.

Darya often allows her imagination to flow freely, resulting in stories like “Fish” and “The Ship,” which intertwine human experience with a touch of fantasy. Carried by a self-aware, sometimes whimsical narrative voice, this collection explores human existence through the author’s emotions, questions, and memories.

About the Author

A native of Kazakhstan, Darya Jandossova now resides in the state of Washington, where she will soon obtain her high school diploma. She has been writing stories since she can remember, and she is often inspired by other cultural endeavors such as books and films. Her collection focuses both on relationships between people and on nature, because “nothing beats its beauty.” She considers her writing a reflection of life, both real and imaginary. Aside from writing, Darya enjoys photography, drawing, reading, and cooking.

(2009, paperback, 112 pages)


The Book about Friends, Stars, and Oceans (e-book)
The Book about Friends, Stars, and Oceans (e-book)

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