The Blue Tail Flies: A Korean War Story

The Blue Tail Flies: A Korean War Story
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The Blue Tail Flies: A Korean War Story
by L. Leroy Miller

The Blue Tail Flies: A Korean War Story is a historical novel about a Troop Carrier Squadron during the Korean War. The main character, Leroy L. Liscomb (L), who is telling the story, is a composite of many others. He and his best friend, Alan C. Evans (Ace), have many intriguing adventures together. The third main character, Sal Rizzo, enters the picture and they become inseparable.

Liscomb and Rizzo are flight engineers on C119 aircraft. Evans is a sheet metal/fabrication specialist. Liscomb and Rizzo fly many missions from Japan to Korea, delivering supplies and dropping troops. Evans repairs their airplanes when they return with war damage. The story contains love, romance, and sex. There is also much intrigue, betrayal, violence, humor, and tragedy. The three start out as happy-go-lucky, self-indulgent young men who live for the day and never think about tomorrow, to responsible, productive citizens. It is a novel that would be appropriate and enjoyable for young adults, military, and mature readers alike.

About the Author

This is L. Leroy’s first book. It was a long time coming; he started it more than fifty years ago. He is presently working on the prequel to The Blue Tail Flies. L. Leroy spent twenty-three years in the U.S. Air Force and is also retired from the State of Florida, where he was the supervisor of the unit that worked with troubled teens.

He and his wife, Marie, presently live in northwest Florida. They have three grown children.

(2012, hardback, 436 pages)


The Blue Tail Flies: A Korean War Story (PDF)
The Blue Tail Flies: A Korean War Story (PDF)

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