Blaine's Legacy

Blaine's Legacy
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Blaine’s Legacy
by Scotti Jones

While dealing with the normal challenges of teenage life, Blaine also harbors a secret he must hide from society. Equipped with supernatural abilities, Blaine’s responsible for the safety and preservation of his small town. Although usually detached from more serious encounters with evil forces, he comes face to face with a demon from his past. Motivated by bravery and the unfortunate death of his boyfriend, Blaine must confront and destroy the evil before him. With help from his friends and a long line of “wielders” in his family, Blaine attempts to reestablish order and finally rid himself of the ever-looming presence that has been threatening his existence for years.

About the Author

A native of Springfield, Massachusetts, Scotti Jones still resides in his hometown. He enjoys filling his free time with reading, writing, video games, and watching television.

He has always had a passion for writing, tracing his interest back to his childhood. This is his first published work.

(2012, paperback, 210 pages)


Blaine's Legacy (PDF)
Blaine's Legacy (PDF)

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