A Birthday Scare

A Birthday Scare
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A Birthday Scare
by G. Ann Teixeira

Today is a big day. It is Micky’s eighth birthday, as well as a school holiday! After watching his parents drive out of their Old Mill Glen community in Florida as they are leaving for work, Micky finds that his younger brother, Toby, has awakened. They go downstairs to grab some cereal for breakfast. While they are eating, Micky’s friends Billy and Jason come over and let in Micky’s dog, Teddy. The four of them begin to make a lot of noise, waking up Micky’s older sister, Jody, who in turn kicks the boys out of the house. Since they have to stay outside, Micky, Billy, Jason, Toby, and Teddy decide to ride their bikes over to Uncle Ben’s Big Rig Repair Shop.

When they arrive, however, Uncle Ben is not around. So the boys and Teddy decide to go find him. On their way, Toby has to go to the bathroom. They eventually decide to stop at the Old Mill to do so, but unluckily for the boys, Teddy decides to go into the dark, creepy woods in the back. Micky, Billy, Jason, and Toby are not allowed to go back there without a grown-up, but they can’t just leave Teddy. Finally the boys decide to enter the woods…but will they ever get out?

About the Author

A Birthday Scare is G. Ann Teixeira’s first published book. It is a semi-true story based upon her husband Michael’s experience with his dog, Teddy. Ann and Michael have been married for thirty-eight years and have six children: Michelle, Ian, Jody, Cindy, Doug, and Coreen. In addition to being a traditional mother, Ann was also a Cub Scout Den Mother (1989) and a Girl Scout Assistant (1997-2000).

She was born in Georgetown, British Guiana, in South America and currently resides in Florida. Ann loves to read and travel.

(2010, paperback, 32 pages)


A Birthday Scare (PDF e-book)
A Birthday Scare (PDF e-book)

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