Biker Brothers

Biker Brothers
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Biker Brothers
by Tim Diagostino

Biker Brothers, the elegantly written new novel by Tim Diagostino, tells the “story of the adventure of a lifetime.” The Brothers—Chad the lover, Oscar the optimist, Evan the impassioned songwriter and Sylvia, “the sister”—are a motorcycle-riding band who fight and sing, lose and win their way through a challenging round of contests that would knock out any other group. Whether it’s jousting at the Renaissance Fair, performing onstage before raucous crowds, or facing the soul-touching problems of family, friendship and love, the Biker Brothers play for it all. Hit the scale of highs and lows as you travel along with them in this exciting and insightful novel composed to run the keyboard of life.

Tim Diagostino is a lighthearted goofball who enjoys the simple things like movies, music, video games, and especially reading and writing.

(2014, Paperback, 132 pages)


Biker Brothers [EBOOK]
Biker Brothers [EBOOK]

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