Bites Around the Big Apple

Bites Around the Big Apple
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Bites Around the Big Apple
Vincent Badame

Sport fishing is not as easy as it looks. Ask an expert surf fisherman like Vincent Badame, winner of the 1997 Fisherman’s Surf Fishing Club Contest in New York. Bites Around the Big Apple is designed as a good resource tool on how to improve a sport fishing enthusiast's performance in landing his dream big catches around New York’s game fish hubs. Badame shared the secrets of his trade by discussing the characteristics of game fish and baitfish, determining the right time, place, and the effect of nature (temperature, tide, and seasons) in the behavior of the fish, as well as the proper equipment and outfit so that the surf fisherman will gain the most out of the sport without compromising safety.

About the author

Born in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Vincent Badame’s passion for surf fishing and years of writing articles about the subject led to the emergence of this book, which focuses solely on surf fishing within New York City.

(2012, paperback, 156 pages)


Bites Around the Big Apple (PDF)
Bites Around the Big Apple (PDF)

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