Between Two Worlds

Between Two Worlds
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Between Two Worlds
by C. E. Kaczmarek

Growing up, young Sophia cannot dispel the idea that she is somehow different from all the other people around her. She has no idea how true that is—and to what extent.

For young Sophia is the daughter of Cam and Calabria—the first a fearsome vampire, the other heir to the throne of the legendary wizard of the Under World, Zuff. Exiles of their own world, they are determined to raise a normal child amidst a world populated by humans.

Their determination, however is matched by a group of vengeful vampires who vowed long ago to take revenge against Zuff's long lost heir. Events come to a head when the group assigns one of them, Kevin, to hunt down Sophia and bring her to them for a one-time magnificent feast.

About the Author

C E Kaczmarek is a mother of three children. One of whom inspired her to write this book. Aside from writing and spending time with her family, she also enjoys traveling and visiting new places.

(2012, hardback, 302 pages)


Between Two Worlds (PDF)
Between Two Worlds (PDF)

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