Between Sunset and Sunrise

Between Sunset and Sunrise
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Between Sunset and Sunrise
by Angelica Bookman

The happiness of Amanda, Clayton and Dr. Bennett abruptly ended, forcing them to endure long dark periods. Eventually these lives intersected, leaving them forever changed.

Amanda Rose Palmer’s world was shattered for the second time demanding that she come to terms with several losses before moving forward. Torn between a longstanding love and an unwanted attraction, she struggled with what healing and moving forward really meant.

Clayton James Burkhart, on the other hand, had lost Amanda once and was finally being given a second chance. Working with her at SKY, an emergency flight service, he vowed she would not slip through his fingers. Could Clay make it work this time?

Dr. V. Alexander Bennett, a physiatrist, could not have been happier. The world was his oyster! He had worked tirelessly over the years and it had paid off. Regrettably, his picture-perfect realm turned upside-down shortly after the birth of his daughter. Stunned and adrift, Alex wondered if this hollow feeling would every go away.

There was always tomorrow. But what would it take for each to be content?

About the Author:

Angelica Bookman also experienced events which changed the direction of her life. After learning several lessons, Ms. Bookman wrote this inspirational novel drawing on her personal experience of loss, pain and recovery. It was during her recovery she gained a greater appreciate for every second of each new day!

(2015, Paperback, 232 pages)


Between Sunset and Sunrise [E-BOOK]
Between Sunset and Sunrise [E-BOOK]

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