Beginning Origami: Yes, You Can Do This

Beginning Origami: Yes, You Can Do This
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Beginning Origami: Yes, You Can Do This
by Pamela L. Wieten

Origami is an ancient artóas old as paper itself. Those who practice Origami on a regular basis swear by its relaxing and therapeutic properties. Pamela L. Wieten takes the traditional aspects of Origami and combines them with an environmentally friendly concept, pointing out that any kind of paper can be used, from newspaper ads to wrapping paper for gift wrapping.

In her book Beginning Origami: Yes, You Can Do This, Pamela L. Wieten includes illustrations and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions, making it possible for even the most artistically challenged person to learn the art of Origami and enjoy its benefits. For individual use or family fun, Wietenís book encourages taking on this art form. You will be surprised at how easy it really is and how much fun it can be!


A native of Michigan, Pamela L. Wieten currently lives in Muskegon, where she cares for her stepfather who was stricken ill with emphysema. She has been happily married for over twenty-nine years and enjoys planting trees, gardening, paper folding, and drawing. She is a sponsor of WYCE Radio and a member of Crystal Cathedral Ministries, National Arbor Day Foundation, Origami USA, Scoliosis Association, and the R.E.M. Fan Club. Her idea to write this book came from the positive responses she received from people after giving them an Origami gift. After teaching herself, she wanted a more compact and easy-to-follow book to teach others.

(2008, saddlewire, 24 pages)


Beginning Origami: Yes, You Can Do This [E-book edition]
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