The Beauty of Poverty

The Beauty of Poverty
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The Beauty of Poverty
by Yolisa Dlepu

No matter how depressing your life’s situation may be, God sees you through. God provides for you. God saves you. God redeems you.

In The Beauty of Poverty, Yolisa Dlepu recounts poignant memories of her family while living in poverty in a far-flung area in South Africa. She and her siblings were raised by a single parent, her mom, accepting domestic jobs just to make ends meet. But most of the time, there was still nothing laid on the table for them to consume.

Life in poverty became indomitable when Yolisa’s mother fell deeper into depression after two of her children died, not knowing where their bodies were laid. At a young age, Yolisa tended to her younger siblings and worked to earn money for her school fees instead of playing like normal kids do. She never gave up on life. She never doubted God.

Through her ordeal, Yolisa learned that God moves in mysterious ways, if only one has strong faith in him. This book touches the hearts of the weary souls, those who have fallen into the abyss. The Beauty of Poverty reminds people that there is hope, come what may.

About the Author

Yolisa Dlepu lives in East London, South Africa, but due to work commitments she now resides in Durban, South Africa, and her mother stays in East London. She is the provincial risk assurance manager of Standard Bank of South Africa. She enjoys listening to and reading inspirational messages and giving motivational speeches.

(2011, paperback, 60 pages)


The Beauty of Poverty (PDF)
The Beauty of Poverty (PDF)

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