Be Cool, Follow Earth's Rule

Be Cool, Follow Earth's Rule
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Be Cool, Follow Earth's Rule
by Penelope Ann Kysiak

Though designed to entertain, Be Cool, Follow Earth’s Rule teaches even the youngest reader the importance of respecting the planet. The tale follows a little girl and her environmentally conscious family as she learns how to take better care of our earth.

Curious about the plants in their garden, the girl discovers the use for garlic flowers and why her family plants their own potatoes. She also becomes aware of the need to conserve water and energy.

Using charming rhymes to convey an important message, Penelope Ann Kysiak teaches us it’s never too early to learn how to “be green.”

About the Author

Living abroad for twenty-one years and traveling extensively made Penelope very environmentally aware of the world around her and inspired her to pass that appreciation on to children with this book. She currently resides in Texas, where she teaches high school Spanish. She is married to Joseph, and they have two children, Tyler and Carolina. Penelope is involved with the PTA, and her other interests include cross-country running, swimming, gardening, and knitting.

(2009, paperback, 32 pages)


Be Cool, Follow Earth's Rule (e-book)
Be Cool, Follow Earth's Rule (e-book)

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