The Bamboo Girl

The Bamboo Girl
Item# 978-0-8059-7562-8

by Hoa X. Nguy

The enchanting story of Geisha, a brave little Princess taken from her home by a magical fairy. Geisha is left to find her way home in the middle of nowhere. Along the way, she meets many friends who help her on her journey. She encounters a young Prince, who finds her to be as enchanting as she has found her experience to be. The Bamboo Girl is a tale of triumph, adventure and love.


Hoa X. Nguy is also known as Mae. She currently lives in Austin, Texas. She has two gorgeous children named Vivian and Alvin. Growing up as a child, I didnít have what you would call a typical American lifestyle. As a child, my family and I escaped Vietnam for the sake of our lives as refugees. By the age of 12, we had landed in America and I found out my life was anything but normal. Every day I would have to help my family find a way to make money. Most American children have the job of going to school, well mine was to dig through trash bins for aluminum cans.

For the past 20 years of my life, I was a successful business woman. It wasnít until I found my calling in life was to write stories, that I left the life of business. I write to share my culture and past experiences as a child. I want to create an effect on someoneís life and I think writing childrenís literature will allow the children of America to understand the vivid picture of another life from another world. I hope that you enjoy my story and you can expect many more to come!

(2007, paperback, 84 pages)

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