The Awakening Layman

The Awakening Layman
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The Awakening Layman
by Oblap Franciscus Mejia

Based upon a collection of nonfiction national stories, The Awakening Layman gathers global intelligence and national stories to expose interesting studies of everyday dialogues. Through the efforts of the author, Oblap Franciscus Mejia, this novel offers readers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into some of the nationís biggest social issues. Additionally, The Awakening Layman introduces a new way of reasoning to the everyday reader, encouraging him to think along the same lines as the individuals in charge.

About the Author

Oblap Franciscus Mejia is a member of Sigma Tau Delta and has a background in strategic intelligence. His air base experience through the military includes squadron airman checks and other squadron assistant positions. His hobbies include hunting intelligence, writing fiction, self-help acting manuscripts, and writing memoirs.

(2013, Hardcover, 230 pages)


The Awakening Layman E-Book
The Awakening Layman E-Book

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