Aw, Grow Up!

Aw, Grow Up!
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Aw, Grow Up!
by Harry C. Hoover, Jr.

In this insightful book, Harry C. Hoover, Jr. describes his concerns about society today--that we are a much more self-centered world, than a God-centered one. This is evidenced by the turmoil that we live in today, where there is always some sort of strife going on in the world.

While you may or may not agree, the points he introduces will at least provide a basis for thought and possibly prompt the reader to take a closer look at his/her life and its part in contributing to the world as a whole. If people don’t change their “self-centeredness,” how can we expect our world to ever be at peace?

About the Author

Harry C. Hoover, Jr., a widower, is a native of Dallas, Texas. He is the father of four children—Andrew, Nancy, Brian, and Diane—all grown with families of their own.

A self-employed architect, he received a BA and BS degrees in architecture from Rice University and is a member of the Dallas Chapter of AIA, Texas Society of Architects, and the National AIA. A former Sunday school teacher and member of the Lion’s Club for over forty years, he enjoys tinkering with inventions, playing tennis, staying fit, and attending senior citizen dances weekly…all of this at 80+ years of age.

The author wrote these essays in response to the happenings in the world today.

(2013, paperback, 72 pages)


Aw, Grow Up! (eBook)
Aw, Grow Up! (eBook)

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