The Awakening

The Awakening
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The Awakening
by Richard Spaulding

The Book of Revelation is a term familiar to most people, both Christians and non-Christians. But there is too much confusion surrounding this part of the New Testament, leading many people astray, toward false—and often harmful—assumptions.

The author, Richard Spaulding, believes that it is an obligation to assist people back to the right path, on the road to where God is. And with his book, The Awakening, he intends to help the people to see through the fog of mystification that pervades today’s society.

About the Author

Richard Spaulding is a retired high school math teacher. He likes fishing, hunting, chess, book discussion groups, weight lifting, and TV churches, and he is an avid yoga practitioner.

(2012, paperback, 54 pages)


The Awakening (PDF)
The Awakening (PDF)

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