At Your Service: Lessons in Leadership

At Your Service: Lessons in Leadership
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At Your Service: Lessons in Leadership
by Charles E. Wheaton, Ph.D.

How do you best inspire others to work toward a common goal? Is it by force, fear, or bribery? These tactics are often used by those in authority to bring about desired results; however, Charles E. Wheaton, Ph.D., would like to suggest there is another way.

In At Your Service: Lessons in Leadership, Wheaton examines leadership theory and differing leadership styles, as identified and studied by numerous scholars and experts, with emphasis on a particular theory known as Servant Leadership. According to Wheaton and others, servant leaders focus on the needs of others while staying in line with the organization’s overall values and integrity. In this environment, individuals are often self-motivated to apply their particular talents toward the common good.

In this well-researched guide and reference, Wheaton details the origins of servant leadership in Christianity, which was further brought to light by Robert K. Greenleaf. He provides a number of leadership applications for business leaders, public sector workers, religious leaders, and educators. Through At Your Service: Lessons in Leadership, Wheaton seeks to inspire leaders, would-be leaders, and all those interested in organizational efficacy to keep an eye on the individual in order to seek the common good for all.

About the Author

Charles E. Wheaton, Ph.D., has served as a school administrator in various school districts in central Washington since 1982, and he is currently a school administrator in the Wapato School District. In May of 1999, Wheaton earned his doctorate degree in educational leadership with a focus on servant leadership from Gonzaga University.

Wheaton and his wife, Janet, live in Granger, and they have two children: Lisa Colleen Franklin and Charles Mark Wheaton. He is the former president of the Dayton, WA Kiwanis and was recognized as the Dayton, WA Chamber “Employee of the Year.” In his spare time, Wheaton enjoys reading, writing, gardening, singing, practicing his faith, and spending time with his family. He is also especially interested in sharing his faith through volunteer work in the prison ministry.

(2009, paperback, 112 pages)


At Your Service: Lessons in Leadership (e-book)
At Your Service: Lessons in Leadership (e-book)

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