At Last, Life Forever

At Last, Life Forever
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At Last, Life Forever
by Sharon J. Emery

Every little girl dreams of this wondrous occasion, a stuff of legend, a very special day—her wedding. Little girls grow up to the story of love between a woman and a man, who become bonded for life after exchanging sacred vows in front of family and friends, for all the world to witness—and for the coming of a very special kiss, which announces to the whole wide world that they are now man and wife, and will, from that moment on, spend their life together forever.

About the Author

Sharon J. Emery was born in Wyandotte, Michigan and currently lives in West Bloomfield. Now retired after working as a bank officer for more than forty years, she spends her free time doing church works, playing golf, or dining and going on vacation trips with friends. She also wishes to continue writing the story of her main protagonist in At Last, Life Forever—a sequel to At Last Life.

(2013, hardback, 218 pages)


At Last, Life Forever (eBook)
At Last, Life Forever (eBook)

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