Assembling the Pieces

Assembling the Pieces
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Assembling the Pieces
by Marine

Assembling the Pieces is a collection of stories and family history that Marine accumulated on her journey to find missing ancestors through genealogical research. She shares her personal perception of how her former slave ancestors felt and their frustration while learning how to live black and free in rural Virginia.

This work will teach the reader a lesson in the human struggle learned through the lives of Marine’s ancestors, who were former slaves and sharecroppers. There are many ways to gain survival skills. The human mind and body are equipped with resiliency that can help us rebound after disparaging circumstances. Life is a production. We go through many phases. We were not given a chance to rehearse for our journey through life, but we were given the gift of ancestors. We can learn survival techniques while discovering the lives of our ancestors and heeding the advice of our elders, teachers, and friends. There are many people who can use their history, family origins, and circumstances as excuses to become a society of outcasts, yet many are driven to be productive, outstanding people. Animosity will stagnate growth and deprive us of a life with prosperity and vigor. We must learn to forgive because forgiving is the key to personal and societal growth.

About the Author:

Marine currently resides in Martinsville, Virginia.

(2015, Paperback, 92 pages)


Assembling the Pieces (e-book)
Assembling the Pieces (e-book)

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