The Apostle Paul: His Gospel Before the Gospels

The Apostle Paul: His Gospel Before the Gospels
Item# 978-0-8059-6870-5

by Dr. Daniel J. Theron

Providing a fresh approach on the life and writings of the Apostle Paul, considered the foundational theologian and interpreter of Jesusí life, Dr. Daniel J. Theron thoroughly examines the research supporting his belief that Paul was pivotal in launching Christianity as a world religion.

Having spent a lifetime reading, studying, investigating, contemplating, and writing about Paul, Dr. Theron has come to the conclusion that Paul was the first Christian theologian with a complete understanding of holy history. Paul characterized his message as his Gospel, setting forth his belief in the re-creation and restoration of that which mankind had lost in the fall of Adam and Eve. He was an ambassador of Christianity, spreading his message throughout the known world and beyond through his letters.

Within the pages of The Apostle Paul: His Gospel Before the Gospels, Dr. Theron reveals and minutely breaks down Paulís message of the re-creation and restoration of mankind, thoroughly supporting his research with citations from the Bible itself as well as other historical books and documents relating to Paulís contribution to Christianity, his trials as the last apostle and a messenger of Godís Word, and his continual growth as a theologian.

Complex and complete in scope, The Apostle Paul: His Gospel Before the Gospels is a vital tool for any biblical scholar and student of Paulís teachings as well as a valuable supplement to Bible study for the layperson and general theology student.


A native of South Africa, Dr. Daniel J. Theron now resides in Hendersonville, North Carolina. In his spare time he enjoys antique cars and has penned several other books, among them Evidence of Tradition, Out of Ashes, Hear Our Prayers and Hymns, Oh Lord, We Pray, and a few more coming.

(2006, hardcover, 304 pages)

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